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Your dream video is just around the corner. Watch Below!

Previous Business Videos

Previous Business Videos

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Business Presentation

This package is perfect for your website by being the first thing customers see. This allows customers to separate your business from your competitors and create a human connection to your brand.



different people holding digital world together

Ever see those viral videos? We can create videos that have potential to be shared on social media. Videos that entertain customers while creating exposure for your business.


Commercial video production long island High Key Digital

Would you like your business on news 12, fios, or comcast? what about all over social media? We can make this happen for cheaper than you think.

30 sec to 1 minute commercial

Do you want to bring in new customers?


Commercials and business videos are a great way to attract new and loyal customers. Commercials allow consumers to identify with your brands personality, identity, and service. The major rule, business is promotion, never ceases. A well filmed, edited, and strategically executed business video will leave a lasting impression on consumers and bring tremendous value for not only your customers, but for your business as well.


Video Marketing statistics in 2017

Ask yourself this one question, Would you rather read about a topic or watch a video on it?


Video shortens the length of time you have to commit to something, while also being a more sufficient way of communicating with customers. Visual learning is one of humanities strongest learning tools. Wether it's a business video outlining your values, operations, and service or an instructional how-to instillation video. High Key Digital provides video production on long island and can get your business video on News 12 Long Island, Fios, and Comcast. 

You may have found yourself feeling frustrated because you want to grow your company, but simply don't have the time to commit to running the company while simultaneously working on marketing plans. What about running ads on social media to expose your business video to the masses? Would it benefit your company to target people that would be specifically interested in your product? FIND OUT MORE

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