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We live in the time of New Media where learning a new skill on the internet is just a video away. A lot of companies are on social media, but not all of them utilize social media to its fullest potential to attract new customers and create overall exposure for their brand. Here at High Key Digital, we focus on creating exposure for you so you don't have to. We create free time for business owners and professionals to focus on what they do best, and that is serving consumers. Want to find out how we would help your business grow? Click here to book a meeting today.

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High Key Digital utilizes a campaign structure to grow your business. This means we set one goal and utilize numerous tactics to acheive that goal and grow your prescece on social media. Wether you're looking to build your followers, emailing lists, text message lists, and store visits, everything starts from the campaign you select. Wether it's a deal of the month, new product, and etc. We cater our emails, our social media posts, and our campaign to target new and existing audiences, while simultaneously identifying what aspects of this campaign are working to generate the results we are looking for.


I'm going to tell you a secret, the best way to reach more people while posting on facebook is with Video. If you sign onto facebook today and scroll down your timeline, most of your timeline will be nothing but videos. Why is your timeline mostly videos? In order from best to worst facebook values videos, pictures, then text because more people stay on their website when they have videos. Would this same concept help your website? A proper business video or instructional how to instillation video will allow customers to stay on your site longer, simultaneously creating a personal connection to your brand and seperating you from your competitors.

2. Building a community online to help sales


Here's why social media matters. Most businesses are posting deals and specials on social media, but fail to understand people sign onto social media for personal satisfying reasons. People follow pages on social media that bring forth value to their lives. Wether it's a person they can live vicariously through, a comedic person, or a brand they can connect with. This is why companies need to post things of value for their customers.



3. Examples of What to posts for better results


One way to do this is to post engaging questions. For example, If you own a restaurant, a good question to pose your audience would be "what two combinations of food do you put together, that in a normal circumstance wouldn't go together, but tastes really great? or even "If you had your own restaurant, what would you name it and why? or "share a picture of your last meal with the last five emoji's you've used." These are all tools to create a community on your social media outlets for current customers. This helps engagement on your page, so when you do actually posts a deal or special, more customers have built a connection to your brand and will be more willing to spend.


Thats not all... High Key Digital has many tactis on how to build a community CLICK HERE

Would you like to gain new customers on social media? High Key Digital has many tactics on getting emails, organic followers, and store visits from social media. If you want to book a meeting today to find out how we accomplish this CLICK HERE.

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