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High Key Digital is our name, video production and marketing is our game. High Key Digital was founded in 2017 by Oldy Jean and Sal Peretti. These two indiviuals wanted to turn their passion into a business. The term 'high key' relates to the way a light is placed in film and photography. High Key Digital was built to assist small to mid-sized businesses with video production and social media marketing needs. Small to mid-sized businesses may use the tools provided by High Key Digital to even the playing field. Utilizing social media tactics to grow their business for store visits, followers, and email/text messaging lists are among the potential results of working with High Key Digital.  On the other side of a television or computer screen is a potential customer, allow High Key Digital to help your business gain another customer. 

About Us
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Oldy Jean Co founder High Key Digital

Oldy Jean

After successfully obtaining a bachelor's degree in film and video, Oldy founded the company in 2017. Turning his passion into a business, Oldy began High Key Digital to not only create  great content, but to create results for his clients. This business allows him to do two things he loves: use his creativity and filmaking skills to the fullest and help businesses thrive.

Sal Peretti Co founder High KEy Digital

Sal Peretti

While honing his skills as a filmmaker, Sal's Senior Thesis film was nominated for the CCFF and LIIFE film festivals. Since then, he's done Social Media work for Doritos as well as numerous other companies. Sal believes that effective advertising should be fun and creative. After graduating college, Sal founded High Key Digital to provide high quality content and marketing at a fair price.

DAN Tripi High KEy DIgital

Dan Tripi

Camera / Editor

Dan is one of the people responsible for the name High Key Digital. After countless hours of deliberating, High Key Digital was finally born. Working with the likes of News 12 Long Island, Rockville, Real estate companies and more, Dan has honed his skills as a cinemetographer. Dan provides High Key Digital with editing, camera work, grip work, and numerous years of experience.

Ryan Reid High KEy Digital

Ryan Reid

Camera / Social Media Handler

"The best feeling in the world is seeing your creation come to life right in front of your eyes," says Ryan. The same detail Ryan puts into his own work is the same detail he will provide for his clients. His passion is for filming the best product, while also entertaining the masses. Ryan joined High Key Digital in 2017 after successfully graduating film school. In his spare time, Ryan plays the bass and loves going to concerts

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