We have access to everything needed to bring your music video to life. 

1. Locations

2. Models

3. Lights
4. Cars

5. Equipment

VIdeos Done Right


Music videos help to establish your brand. What does that mean exactly? Although you're an artist, you're also a business. Your videos reflect your personality, your music, and your message. If you have a bright and cheerful personality and your music is very happy, your music videos should also be light, bright, and cheerful. On the other hand if your music is very dark, sad, or healing, your music videos should reflect that. If you're a creative artists that loves to step outside the box musically, well then your music videos should reflect your artistry by also stepping outside of the box. 

Become Famous From a Music Video

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This is usually the deciding factor isn't it? As creatives we just want to create, but in order for us to continue creating a living off what we essentially would do for free, we have to charge a fee. This sometimes may be a difficult thing to do because you work with artists who may not have a big budget simply because you like the music and other times you may hate a song, but end up filming the video because the artists has a million dollar budget.  

Enough with the stalling already... what is your number!?

Here is our price....

Art.Then Price. If that's confusing, let me explain.

It's hard to have a set price when it comes to videos because some videos may take more work than others. Art then price means we first determine a budget the artists, label, or team has allocated for the Video. Afterwards we create a story / concept / strategy and base our price around the budget and on how many people, locations, filming days, editing days and etc. to bring your project to life. This may be anywhere from $500 to $1,000,000.

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